Friday, 15 August 2014

Festival of Quilts 2014

It's seems so long ago already....Festival of Quilts 2014. Spoiled again, Linzi drove four and a half hours from Aberdeen for lunch, picked me up with my suitcase and accessories for the stand then drove another five and a half hours to Birmingham. We chatted and laughed all of the way. We chatted and laughed all week, six days and six nights of chatting and laughing.

I'm guessing Ellen took this photo of the four of us, Ani, Linzi and Me (Kay Bell), with Sally our new helper.

 I was super excited that my quilt 1514 AKA The Horse won a 'Highly Commended'. There were over 800 quilts entered into the competition so that's a big deal to me.

The lighting wasn't good too many shadows for a good photo, this one had to have flash.

I was also super excited that my customer Liz entered her Lone Star quilt into the Two Person category, we won a 'Highly Commended' for this one too....and it was wonderfully hung.

My friends Julie and George of Heritage Keepsakes dropped by the stand, they had travelled from Australia with their daughter Brooke and her friend. They came bearing gifts of Koala Bear chocolate and  fabric....see the selvedge, 'Under the Australian Sun'. I am so bad at collecting photographs of special times like this one, shame on me....

Just look who I met on one of my walkabouts, my friend Bonnie Hunter no less of , a fabulous Lady and inspiration to many, many quilters. So pleased to spend a few minutes with Bonnie, believe me Bonnie was in big demand for photo sessions

Linzi's Quilted Henge looked fabulous, such a huge amount of creativity and imagination in these 9 pieces, the stone circle is a quilt in itself . The Henge needs to be seen to be believed it's encrusted with semi precious stones, beads and bling. Subtle machine embroidery and laced leather skins enhance the quilted columns. See more of Linzi's work at The Quilt Quine

I love these ladies in Basques and DM's...

Janneka De Vries-Bodzinga never ceases to amaze me....this quilt is awe inspiring, I gazed at it many times over the six days I was at the show

My very good friend Rhianon had her fabulous butterfly quilt hanging too.

This ribbon worked miniature was a sheer delight to behold and only twelve inches square.

Had to buy some stuff too....

Two beauties hanging side by side by Gwenfai Rees Grithiffs and Annelize Littlefair

This is one of my all time favourite quilts of the show, the Gargoyles are 3D and made from cut, shaped and painted wadding. It's terrific, unfortunately the lighting made my photos of this a little yellow.

The UK APQS Representatives at Festival of Quilts 2014, I'm already looking forward to 2015....


  1. looks like a fabulous time! Lovely quilts.

  2. Glad you had a good time...nice to see took me at least two days to recover! But I had to do all the driving....loved your quilts!

  3. Kay, you are my all time quilting idol. I would love to be able to quilt like you, every quilt you do inspires me. I feel very honoured that you like my quilt.

  4. Love the pics............tks for sharing :-)

  5. What a great show, sure wish I could have been there. Fun to see you with Bonnie, shes come to our quilt guild and I read her blog every day too. Small world in some ways. Congratulations on your acknowledgment of your beautiful quilt, well done!

  6. Your quilts are so wonderful! My favorite is 1514 AKA The Horse, but what is a "Highly Commended? Is it similar to First Place?


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