Tuesday 2 December 2014

Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt Post #1

I didn't intend to do it, never planned, don't have time, honestly I don't have time!

But you know what, it's good for me to jump in and start something without planning. I'm a strange old fish, for me starting is the worst part of a quilt . I procrastinate at starting, I'm one of the very few who like the middle and absolutely love to finish a quilt, maybe that's why I'm a longarmer?

While surfing the Internet last Friday night there were lots of references to Bonnie Hunter's Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt, (you can find the link in the side bar on the right). So late that night I took the notion to go pull some fabric, all from my stash.  I knew I didn't have time to fuss, I had to make a snap decision else it would be a no go area. I have made a few quilts from Bonnie's patterns but never one of her mystery quilts, it's not a good time for me but I'm not whining at all. Bonnie herself has said that this years mystery will be less intense than previous years so maybe I'll be able to keep up alongside my day job of longarm deadlines for my customer quilts leading up to Christmas, I know I will be up against the wire with those so maybe a little extra curricular activity will spur me on, we will see? If I fall behind before Christmas I can always catch up again in the new year, either way I'll finish it!

Here's a photo of Bonnie and Myself at Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, UK, August 2014. Bonnie came to visit us on our APQS longarm stand, Bonnie has her own APQS Millennium to quilt her own quilts, love my Millie.

I do have a scrap system, but decided on using yardage in constant colours, I thought it would be a quicker, easier choice just now, these were my choice following Bonnie's own colourway.

That's all of the half square triangles (hst) sewn and squares cut for this clue, yes, I've already changed out some fabrics, I didn't like the yellow, the colour was OK but the fabric wasn't of the same quality as the rest so I swapped the green into that position, it is greener in real life....honestly, try taking photos at 1am.

So today I'm linking up this post with Bonnie's first linky for the  Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt  pop over to check out more fabric choices...


  1. Bonnie also has the fattest arms on the planet! LOL!! SO happy you have joined in with us -- and I love being on your blog!! :)

  2. The mystery process is lots of fun. There's something wonderful about participating in an activity with people from all corners of the world, and seeing all the different quilts that result.

  3. WOW - you work fast, really nice!

    Happy Mystery Quilting,

  4. Well done! I was tempted, but too many customer quilts to get finished before Christmas! Have fun!

  5. Very pretty fabrics Kay! I wish you good luck with your Illusion! Looking forward to seeing everyone's quilts.

  6. Lovely fabrics! I hope to join in when the Christmas preparations are finished, so in the meantime I will enjoy you and the other ladies work in progress :-)

  7. Hi Kay i wish I had gone with yardage too. I learned something about myself this time around with a BH quilt- I really do not like more than 3 colors scrappy, the designs seem to get lost with so much variety in the fabrics. Only the black shows in this one and the secondary designs are hard to see. In future i willnot be scrapping a quilt with more than 3 colors.


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