Wednesday 21 January 2015

Normal service will be/has been resumed.....GIMQ Post #5

I've been holding off with this blog post as I'd misplaced the SD card from my camera, obviously I've found it now, a blog post is no use what so ever without photos is it?

I had lots of good intentions over the past couple of weeks. After working on customer quilts right up to Christmas I resolved to take a couple of weeks to recoup and reorganise with a bit of painting, a bit of cleaning and a fair bit of farm office paperwork. I did paint and clean my farmhouse kitchen, I did catch up on my office work but still need to finalise my accounts before sending off to our Accountant. I faffed around trying to clear some space in my studio so it feels less claustrophobic, although I have a 30 foot room, it's just too full just now.

I finished up a Linus baby quilt top pieced from some leftovers from a different baby quilt.....

The digitised panto is Dropsy, quite appropriate for a broken dishes quilt don't you think?

I made a big push to finish piecing my GIMQ (Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt) and 'Tad Dah' it's done.

Last clue done!

Halfway stage......

My big reveal...

Joining in with a mystery or sew along is fun sometimes you add another quilt to your repertoire without even realising it. The colour choices and fabrics may not be your normal choice, have to say these are my colours with just minimal tweaks and constant fabrics. All of the other GIMQer's or sewers get you going to finish up in double time, believe me some people had their quilt blocks all pieced on New years day, that's the same day as the last clue was revealed. If you have never joined in with a sew along you should, it's fun.

Thank you Bonnie for all that you do, it's really appreciated, I'm linking this post with Bonnie's reveal linky at Quiltville
I'm waiting for just the perfect bolt of backing which has been on order since October and wouldn't you just know it is now on back order.....hope it comes soon, the colours will be a perfect match, who knew?

I'm already back to working on customer quilts, I have a small queue to be getting on with so that's really nice to just slide back into.....I'll be back in a while with a some customer catch ups.....


  1. Your Grand Illusion turned out great. You got lucky on your fabric choices.

  2. I have to say that your Grand Illusion quilt is the best I have seen on the internet. Your color choices really emphasized the pattern. I love your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  3. That's LOL funny Kay, Dropsy and Broken Dishes!
    How will you quilt your beautiful Grand Illusion? I haven't a clue yet, but I do have backing bought on a super close out sale after the colors were announced, it's turquoise.. Do you have plans for yours?

  4. Yep! I just love your colors and how they turned out in the design. :D


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