Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Beavering away....

Well, here in Scotland we've had our summer, it came on Wednesday last week, now we are back to chilly and wet, when I say wet I mean WET!
We've had some pretty scary thunder and lightening storms, the kind where you just know you had better pull all of those plugs to modems, computers and cherished machines. Luckily everything survived this time

I've been working pretty hard on customer quilts during the week.
I usually don't like to show photos of the quilting on my customers quilts until they have gone home and I know they have been well received, there are a few reveals waiting in the wings.

Half binding added as an extra service
It's is always a pleasure to receive an email after personally giving the quilt back to a customer, it's further proof that they are thrilled and happy with your services and also the price charged.  The customers budget is always a consideration, there have been times in the past when I have upgraded from light custom to full custom but these days I try to stay within budget and time constraints, the blue quilt went home with Jean to finish the binding, thank you Jean.

This is a beautiful folded patchwork design, from another Jean, it's called Garden Party by Blackbird Designs. I was asked to do some light quilting on this one, there was a lot of empty space in those borders, I would have liked to do a full custom job but I'm pleased with the finished design and so was Jean so it worked out well.

I've been working hard on the weekends to finish up my competition quilt for Festival of Quilts in August, it needs to be ready to ship off in a couple of weeks so I'm now feeling the pressure. I'm not one of those people who work well under pressure, it wasn't a good idea for me to enter a quilt that I hadn't even quilted yet...the size changed, my chosen name didn't seem to fit anymore so there had to be a couple of telephone calls to change a few things before the catalogue went to print. Now guess what, the labels are already here so better get moving and get it finished and blocked.

It would be a nice thought to get started on the next competition quilt and have one ready for the next show season without any pressure, I'm guessing that isn't going to happen!


  1. some beautiful quilts and great quilting

  2. Looking forward to seeing your competition quilt, Kay. Jean's quilt is beautiful.


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