Friday, 18 September 2015

Carol's Latte quilt.

Last week one of my customers came over to Borderland Fabrics in Jedburgh to pick up her quilt. Carol and her Husband travel all the way from Glasgow to bring quilts for me to quilt and then to pick up quilts again.

This quilt was an educational exercise, as Carol was teaching herself to use her embroidery machine on Sateen fabric...nice and slippery it was too!

The caffe latte coloured sateen bordered the cream sateen blocks with the fabrics right side up and reversed and with alternate cream cotton blocks. Twin needle work surrounded the large embroidered central motif.

Loading the quilt onto the longarm was a little tricky with the slippery sateen fabric, the slippery side of the cream fabric was against the wadding/batting. I used flowing feather swags with piano keys in the borders, a spineless feather in the sashings and then feathers and more feathers to pin down the blocks. I opted for continuous curves in the twin needle setting triangles and some swirls and curls around the feathered hearts.

It was a really happy day when this quilt came off the frame, Carol was thrilled to see the quilt finished and couldn't believe how beautiful it looked as she never thought that it would ever be a finished quilt, she named it 'Latte'! Oh, and I think Carol has that embroidery machine stuff down patt now don't you?


  1. A really wonderful anf beautiful quilt. The quilting is the perfectly fitting!
    Greetings from Germany, Rike

  2. Thank you Rike, it is a beauty isn't it, thanks for visiting!

  3. Wow!! Stunning. You did an amazing job quilting it. Greetings from Canada

  4. Wow - this is a beautiful quilt - and I agree, she has her embroidery down pat! And your quilting is exquisite!


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