Sunday, 11 October 2015

On the Edge...

I am very happy to quilt edge to edge or pantograph type designs on my customer quilts, not every quilt requires custom or heirloon type work. Utility quilts and especially childrens quilts are perfect for pantograph and digital designs.

I forgot to take a photo of the above quilt once quilted but couldn't resist showing the inside, the piecing was absolutely perfect and the seams so well pressed that I had to record this for posterity.  Of course it will never been seen this way again, it's not often we get to see the inside of a quilt is it?

Surf by Anne Bright suits so many different types of quilts, I didn't have a sample to show customers so quilted this one up just for that very reason, have to say it's still awaiting the binding to be added but it's nearly finished isn't it?

Another sample showing Dazzle but this one does have the binding on and even hand finished to the back.

Annette at Borderland Fabrics, in Jedburgh made this lovely Irish Chain quilt in such subtle colours that I knew imediately that I would quilt it with Sherryberry by Anne Bright, it's a delicate design just perfect for this nostalgic looking quilt, I'm sure this quilt is going home with Annette and not to the shop....


  1. Your custom quilting is always eye candy too, so pretty. Your edge to edge quilting is also nice. Are you like me and most customers want custom quilting? Some quilters get a mix, but some seem to have mostly one or the other.

    1. hi Leeanne, Mostly my customers request one or the other but they seem to come in droves of maybe five custom then five panto quilts, if at all possible I slip a panto type quilt in between the custom work, it just helps things along that way....thanks for visiting....

  2. Many want the "custom" but have $$$ for e2e but are always happy with the results. Love the Irish Chain.....colors ("low volume") and the quilting motif is perfect!!!!!!. Gorgeous texture!!!!!

  3. Thanks Doreen, I know custom work is expensive, it's intense and time consuming for us too so edge to edge pantos are a breath of fresh air, thanks for visiting.....

  4. These quilts and pantographs and quilts are a great match, I am mostly a pantograph quilter and not really comfortable with custom - thank you for sharing the panto names. Beautiful work.


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