Saturday, 14 November 2015

Exciting times....

I know I'm a little bit slack lately to post news and updates about quilts and quilting events. A week or two ago I loaded this customer quilt and had all of the stitch in the ditch ruler quilting and outlining done, (this is such a time consuming slow job). Just as I was about to move onto the fun part, the proper quilting, I heard that Janet Stone had won Best in show at The Houston Quilt Festival, this is the bigget quilt show in the world I believe. Why is this relevant, Janet Stone also designed the quilt on my frame, it was a block of the Month design available through The Quilt Show click here for the link . All of Janet's quilts are designed around the alphabet and may have a sheep or two somewhere, this one is no exception and is named 'A-Z with Ewe and Me'!
Carol made a beautiful job of the piecing and appilique. This will be a gift for Carol's Grandson, it truely is a wonderful heirloom.

Carol supplied the backing and wadding, I used various coloured threads to suit the blocks and border fabrics but used a white thread in the background of the alphabet and white glide Magnaglides in the bobbin. I quilted whimsical feathers throughout the white blocks and then different samples of quilting in the pieced blocks, they are sampler blocks afterall.

It is a fabulous quilt!

This huge quilt was brought to me by Jenny, it was too big for me to show properly on any of my beds so Jenny supplied the photos on her beautiful sleigh bed. I quilted it with this lovely digitised design called 'Chocolate Leaves', I love this design, it shows beautifully on the wide borders.

Show News! 

My quilt 'Interlaced' has won an award, Best Runner Up in the minature category at The West Country Quilt Show, in Bristol, UK. This isn't a true minature, it's around 20"x20" I never thought to enter it in a competition, as I was filling in the form for the quilt below I realised that this little quilt would fit this category. I designed and made this quilt as a project for an article in Machine Quilting Unlimited magazine earlier this year to show step by step instructions on how I design and quilt the Celtic Basketweave. This magazine is still available here it's March 2015 issue
The list of contents for that issue is here…/u…/2015/02/MQU-15-03-March-Cover-TOC.pdf

And my quilt Subtle Differences has won more rosettes at the same show.
That's 1st Longarm Quilting and 1st Large Wallhanging, that is just fabulous, lovely red rosettes, that is a 1st place to my US friends

And Late News, it was announced at the prize giving awards that Subtle Differences also won, (insert drum roll here),  'BEST of SHOW' too....Woohoo!

What ever will happen next???


  1. LOVE to see your work, always worth a visit! I have seen some of Janet's fun designs on other blogs, the signature of the sheep in every design is a fun element.

    1. Hi Leanne, it was a fun quilt ot work on and Carol was so pleased with the result, thanks for visiting....

  2. Beautiful all!!! The Celtic Basketweave just fascinates me. I have not tried it yet. When I first got the magazine issue it was the one thing that "grabbed" (and still does!!!!) my attention and a challenge to do it!!! Soon..................... Thank you so much for sharing!!!! Hugs........

    1. Thanks for visiting Doreen, you must try the 'celtic basketweave', it's so theraputic!

  3. Congratulations on all accounts! Love Subtle Differences!! I'd love to see close ups. Did you design the quilt, too? It's been fun to watch your rise to stardom!

    1. Thanks out for Machine Quilting Unlimited in April for a write up on Subtle Differences.....


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