Sunday, 28 February 2016

Repro fabrics...

Anna sends me quilts in the post from Lancashire, she often phones to see if they have arrived, once quilted I ship them back using Parcelforce 48, it's amazing that very often the quilts are back in her hands within 24 hours of me shipping them but always within 48 hours. It's not an expensive service especially if you consider other opions, like driving to my home, bus or train journeys, they all have a cost.

These two quilts went home to Anna this past week. I love the simplicity of the hearts quilt, I quilted different feather variations in each heart with a khaki coloured thread in the hearts and cream thread in the background, all free hand hand guide by me!

 I think that this quilt is to be a gift, more repro fabrics, I used continuous curves, feathers and a little ruler work using my good friend Linda and Jamie's longarm rulers.

In the borders I quilted feather swags and beadboard. I can't wait to see what Anna sends me next.

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