Monday 24 October 2016

Black on Black....

 Anne delivered this lovey star quilt to me on the stand at Festival of Quilts in Birmingham back in August, it had already been booked into my queue. Black is notoriously difficult to see when quilting so sometimes you tend to be quilting blind. Thankfully once off the machine the quilt looked fabulous. Anne was very pleased to receive it back again and followed up with a lovely phone call.

The wadding is Simply Cotton (100% supplied by me off the roll) with Metro black thread that has just a little shine to show more and a lovely cotton backing of black dragonflies on cream (supplied by me off the roll).


  1. It is stunning! Yes black is harder to quilt than anything else.

  2. You did a great job of capturing your fabulous quilting, I always find it difficult to photograph my customers black quilts.

    1. You need side daylight Leeanne. I find red is the worst colour for me to capture, they always turn orange....

  3. I barely own a piece of black fabric but WOW this looks amazing and your quilting stunning..........


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