Sunday 14 May 2017

Digitised quilting....

OK, I'm frantically trying to find an SD card that has photos of recently quilted quilts on it, the card is being a little evasive just now, but I have come across a few quilts on my laptop that haven't had a showing yet.
So some photos of quilts that were here around late March, early April might have been lost in the confusion of loosing my phone although I did take photos on my camera too, so sorry if your quilt different make the blog.

 Claire pieced this quilt top for her good friend Lorna who owns a camper van, isn't it fabulous and what a unique gift, I quilted it using a digitised design named Seafoam.

Another quilt from Claire randomly pieced with a lovely bright jelly roll and quilted with a digitised design named Midsummer

Isn't this a lovely child's quilt pieced by Grace and quilted with a digitised design named Seafoam

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