Monday, 2 October 2017

Circles of Life....

I never intended to make a traditional double wedding ring quilt, its totally the fault of my very good friend Linzi Upton, who casually asked "whats the best method for making a Double Wedding Ring quilt. I hadn't given it any thought, the question got me wondering, so I hunted out enough fabric to make a couple of blocks.

Video included below....

Only 71 melons each containing 5 fabric pieces

Thirty block centres

I had enough of the paisley fabric to make 8 centres, so I made up eight blocks and put them away in a bag as we do, as an unfinished project or UFO.
A few months later I came across the bag, pulled out the blocks realised I didn't have anymore of the paisley fabric so then now what was I going to do, I had enjoyed making the blocks and decided they would look good in a quilt so I then hunted out some matching, peachy pink coloured linen fabric, it was going to work well.

I made up 30 blocks, but that wasn't quite big enough for a bed quilt so I decided to add borders. I had a few flowers and leaves left form a previous project so made up a few more and some stems to enhance the border a little....

A bit of simple applique

Video Freehand Feathers

I ditch stitched the applique and rings using invisible thread.
I then quilted freehand feathers, beadboard, and pebbles using matching pink and white trylobal threads, I think it turned out just lovely.....

Update, this quilt was gifted to Ann and Allan on there Ruby Wedding Anniversary....


  1. Your piecing and quilting are beautiful. I love how you just "made do" with what you had. Something I am striving to do. Brilliant and beautiful.

  2. If you don't have anywhere to put this gorgeous quilt, I could pop it on a bed here!!

    1. Hi Anne, this quilt is already destined as a gift for a special couple.....hope you are well?

  3. Hi there your quilting is beautiful. I am a fairly new quilter and completely self taught. I wondered if I could ask you a question? Or two? Do you completely "ditch" your quilts, and if so with which product. I didn't start out doing this, but do now. However it does take a very long time on a very big quilt. I read quite a lot online and don't see much about ditching, so I thought I would ask someone who clearly is a very talented quilter! Thanks so much. Lauralyn

    1. Hello Lauralyn, I do ditch quilt my own quilts, on a customer quilt it depends what the budget is. I use invisable or a fine matching thread...... thanks for visiting....


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