Monday 25 June 2018

Ann's Stonefield Quilt

It's been a while since Ann's Stonefield quilt went home, this one has some lovely batik fabrics and is slightly brighter than the previous Stonefield quilts that I've quilted. This one is machine pieced and machine appliqued with invisible thread. All of those 121 six inch blocks, the flying geese and then that huge twelve inch grandmothers flower garden are custom quilted  with a cream thread. This quilt will be entered in the Two Person competition section at Festival of Quilt, UK in August.
There are lots of photos so please just take a scroll on down


  1. Both of you do lovely, lovely work!
    Can I ask - what do you have wrapped around your bar? And is the various tape on both of them to help keep the quilt nice and even?

    1. Annie, that is the leader for the bottom of the quilt top, I don't use it as I do a full float, the tapes are indeed used as makers for edges and sashings to keep the quilt straight....
      Thanks for visiting....

  2. Absolutely stunning! This is going to be an award winner for sure.


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