Thursday, 30 June 2011

One man's trash is another man's treasure...

I like a bargain, doesn't everybody?

Well, I came across this cabinet made originally for videos, it was going in the trash as the owner was moving I asked if I could have it.

Voila.....With the addition of a bit of ribbon I can store large 5000 metre cones three deep.

Perfect for thread storage and it was free!


  1. That is an excellent use for that cabinet! Living in a small house, I've developed a HUGE appreciation for good storage ideas (it borders on obsession) :)

  2. They were going to toss that cabinet?! What were they thinking?! So glad you got it! Looks great and perfect for thread!


  3. I don't like to live in a throw away society....I have difficulty throwing anything out...dread to think about the day I have to leave this house, we've already been here nearly twenty years....that's a lot of stuff!

  4. I love it when things like that happen!

  5. Oh my goodness - that is beautiful!! I will be keeping my eye out for such a treasure. :) So pretty loaded with your gorgeous threads!

  6. What an excellent find. That is a great cabinet. Will look great in your studio.


  7. Perfect! Now I want one! I have this somewhat ugly plastic drawer cabinet to store my threads. I keep my bobbin winder on the top of it. Yours looks fairly tall---is it? What a great idea!

  8. Hi Angie...
    Thanks for dropping by everyone...

    The dimensions of my 'thread cabinet' are 33 inches high by 25 wide by 13.5 deep so still the right size for your bobbin the way I have one/more of those plastic drawer thread was in one of those before and I have no doubt that I will still find something else to store in them even if it's up in my loft...they filled a need and are relatively cheap.....what are we like?

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