Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Best to be on the safe side.....

What do they put in those colour catchers??? Synthrapol???

The colours of this batik wide back are perfect for this pieced top....I washed it when I bought it last year but thought I had better wash it again...threw in a colour catcher, washed it again and again and again...The first time was probably without a colour catcher, the next three times with a colour catchers....Then once with a piece of cotton muslin that came out tinged with turquoise and once with a colour catcher and cotton muslin, the muslin came out white this time but still lots of colour on the catcher.....well, proves that the catchers work. I think this backing has been washed six times in all...there's a lot of white in my top....wonder if I should wash it again????

I think enough is enough???


  1. So, let's see the pieced top! You surely aren't going to make us wait forever are you?

  2. Hi Viki...You are so impatient....this top has been in progress for about 9/10 years so another week or two won't make any difference....lol....actually, I'm pushed for quilting time at the moment and am not sure which top is next in line....

    I know, I'm a tease....lol....

    Best wishes

    Kay Bell
    Borderline Quilter

  3. Wow! Maybe a soak in vinegar to help set the color? It is a gorgeous batik anyway. :D


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