Monday, 10 September 2012

On the Panel...

It's sometimes difficult to know how to quilt panels but as usual inspiration only hits as I am pulling up the bottom thread.....

You can click on the photos to get a larger image....I quilted pebbles, a bird and clouds in the sky with a variety of fills in the boxes. This quilt is a sample for my local quilt shop.....Borderland Fabrics in Jedburgh 


  1. I've quilted several panel quilts done in this pattern (different fabrics) for our prayer quilt ministry. Yours is absolutely gorgeous. Of course the quilting makes the quilt!

  2. Oh, yeah......I do that too! Spontaneous quilting.....I LOVE it when you just start.....and then one thing leads to the next and when you are done the quilting in the background has a story too. :-)

  3. Работа красивая и трудоемкая! Мелкая стежка - это классно!

  4. Olga said.....Beautiful work and time-consuming! Small stitch - this is cool!

    Thanks Olga....


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