Tuesday, 11 September 2012

On yer Bike!

The 'Tour of Britain Cycle Race' came through today...barely 1/4 mile from my home and right through our land, though on the road of course. I remember getting an hour or two out of school (years ago, I mean 'years' ago) when we lived down in England, that's when it was known as the 'Milk Race' as the Milk Marketing Board sponsored the race. The signs on our road said to find an alternate route....there isn't an alternate route?? Anyway, I was at work in town so saw them there....lots of motor cycle support vehicles and paramedics, then came the bikes.... 

Got time to take just three photos of the bikers and then they were gone......

  There was an unbelievable number of support vehicles and 'out riders....such excitement for two minutes.


  1. A lot of things happen in your little town!

    I saw an episode of "Escape to the Country" the other day which featured the Scottish Borders. They mentioned the Rides and the long waiting list to be the Cornet! It was so good to know a little about the things they were speaking of!

  2. I'm glad you took the time to check them out, what fun! We watch the tour de france every year on tv. Unfortunately the don't broadcast the British Tour here.


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