Wednesday 19 October 2011

As good as a rosette!

I belong to quite a few online forums, one of them being Machine Quilters Resource .... my latest quilt 'Oriental Tudor Roses' has made the home page as 'Quilt of the week' .... Thank you Jo Ann.

It will only be there for a few days so I snatched a screen shot as a souvenir..... so before it's superseded by next weeks quilt you can see it here .

If you have never visited MQR before I don't think you need to be a member to take a look around, there is lots of interesting stuff over there!


  1. Not surprised, you did a fabulous job quilting that quilt. Love the roses!!

  2. Congratulations!
    It is nice to be recognized for all your grand work!!!

  3. Hi Kay - I would have left a comment at MQ Resource ....... but when I tried I was told I didn't have permission!!
    How fabulous that your quilt will reach such a wide audience - well deserved for such fabulous work!


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