Sunday 16 October 2011

Oriental Kaleidoscope / Tudor Roses?

It's been a long while since I pieced this top, but I did manage to find some photos even from back then, in my old sewing's Paula Nadelstern fabric cut stack and wack style then very simply pieced with black sashing..

I had no idea how I was going to quilt it but thought it had a kind of oriental look....and was thinking water lilies and took my inspration from the backing fabric, they turned into Tudor roses but I still like the effect.

I used 2 layers of Hobbs 80/20 in black with Glide thread in various colours, (gold, purple, cerise, green and black) and black bottom line in the bobbin.

A Bit of ruler work and a circle maker for perfect circles, the rest is freehand with just a small tribute to feathers around the inside of the cirlcles.

I would like to attribute this border design to Raylene Smith in Australia and then Donna James in Canada for the marking instructions, it'a a perfect border treatment for this quilt!

Those lilac borders are straight...don't know why they look a bit askew on the photos????

Trying it out for the effect in it's new home.....


  1. It's beautiful! I really love the quilting you dod on it.

  2. Beautiful quilt, and the quilting is keeping with it's theme. Well done Kay it's a great looking quilt.

  3. Another fine job! Those flowers are very cool & I like how you continued the lines of the block out to make the corners.

  4. Beautiful use of coloured thread. Just lovely.

  5. I just love the way you have quilted this...the flowers look awesome...I also thank you for the acknowledgment...I didn't realize that the border treatment was so popular..:)

  6. Gosh, that quilt looks absolutely gorgeous in its new home,on the wall!

  7. Lovely top and gorgeous quilting!

  8. I have always loved Paula's work and your quilt is fabulous! I must apologize to you for not replying to a comment you made about one of my paintings (in February). Sometimes I miss seeing them. Thanks for visiting my blog.


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