Saturday 28 September 2013

Adorable applique.....

Sometimes as longarm quilters we receive quilt tops which are so hard to ship home again.

My customer lives in France but shipped this quilt to me while visiting in the UK....there are many different ways to get a quilt top to me....

This is a Joe Morton pattern appliqued and pieced with Joe Morton fabrics, it's fabulous. Sue asked if I would quilt it as in the pattern but did allow me to add one or two personal touches. Sue wrote out her requests in a wonderful letter, it's so unusual these days to receive a hand written letter, it's even more unusual to receive a letter so beautifully written, it could of won a ribbon at a country show.

Anyway, I stitched in the ditch all of the blocks, the flying geese, then all of the applique. Fremotioned all of those 20 square feathered wreaths, added a feather border, echoed all of the applique and added a few veins and flourishes to the leaves and flowers.

This quilt measures around 58"x58", I used Simply Cotton wadding, Superior Monopoly for the ditch work, Metro thread for the background echo work, with extra colours for the added details.  My thread choices blended in and let the applique shine....

I love this centre square with it's pebbles and echoes....

Wonderful isn't it, I love these retro fabrics and colours and also loved working on this quilt.  Thank you Sue.


  1. That really is a beautiful quilt and so good to know you do quilting too for others x

  2. I can see why this one was hard to part with, very pretty!

  3. This is a beautiful quilt - both before and after your 'treatment'. I really love how you have done such gorgeous quilting but have enhanced the applique rather than overpowering it. Such a skill deciding on how to quilt and where and what with. Thank you for sharing the photos :-) And I love the blue triangles - just make the whole quilt sing.

  4. Such a lovely quilt and gorgeous quilting! Hard to part with I'm sure!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous work! Love it!

  6. Again,beautiful work from the quilt-maker and the quilter!


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