Wednesday 29 January 2014


I've been away, well only away from the Internet, no connection for six days, not even for emails, so sorry if you had to wait for a reply. I've had exasperating conversations with Call Centre staff in India, I know they needed to ascertain whether the problem was with my equipment or the telephone company's line but given the fact that next door and  most of the town had an internet problem then it seemed kind of clear cut to me, (of course the towns problem was fixed within a day). After numerous phone calls I was totally shocked when one staff member told me to take a screw driver and open up the telephone socket....that was the last straw.  I think they have me flagged as a nuisance caller but if they got there act together and upgraded our line I am sure the problem would clear. I've been told we will have fibre optic broadband here in the valley in 2015, I'll believe that when it happens.

In between customer quilts I've been quilting up a few new samples to help show customers all of the different pantograph designs available out there in quilt land. I would never ever be able to show all of the different designs but hope that I can at least enable other quilters and piecers to know that there are thousands available and that they could even look out some designs for themselves if they wanted something different....

So, I don't need fancy quilt tops to distract or confuse just plain easily pieced are a couple of tops made from around half of a left over Layer Cake, it's Falalalala by French General for Moda with some additional yardage added.....I realised that this easily made top could be split into two different samples by pulling out most of the plainer blocks and leaving the red/green blocks.
I think this is called the 'double cut layer cake' block, I used Glide thread and Simply Cotton wadding, these are digitised designs quilted with Quilt Path....I intend to quilt 'all over designs' with my computerised system but still do custom work freehand as that is my passion.

For the green quilt I chose Green Tea Leaves by One Song Needle Arts

For the red quilt I chose Feathered Leaves also by One Song Needle Arts

We've had some wonderfully colourful morning skies lately.....


  1. Lovely Kay, I'm a big fan of the One Song Needle Arts patterns, so it's nice to see it stitched out. One day, I do hope to have the computerised system, for the very same reason as yourself. It just seem the way to go.

  2. How frustrating! I was so mad yesterday because my internet would not come up all day, but all week? How does one make it through a whole week without getting to see the new stuff on Bloglovin? lol I, too, have been panto-ing this week. It gives me a chance to do some piecing of my own.

  3. No fun with your internet woes! Sure hope things are resolved for you.

  4. That must have been very frustrating for you. We found another service provider when it became clear regular calls to India wasn't helping!

  5. Delightful quilts Kay - as always! :O) xx


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