Thursday 9 January 2014

Vibrant colours...

Before I Christmas I had the pleasure of quilting a top that had such vibrant colours that you would presume it was made wrong could you be.....this quilt was piece 23 years Oklahoma.

Twenty three years ago my Scottish customer was living in Oklahoma and was pregnant expecting twin babies. My customer was on bed rest and while there she and her Mother pieced quilt tops. This is her Mother's Quilt, Mother is now in her 80's.

As was quite popular back then some of the fabrics are polycottons. It's all hand appliqued, my customer chose the blue fabric for the sashings and backing (perfect choice) and finally pieced up the blocks ready for me to quilt.  These photos were taken very early morning just before Christmas in artificial light rather quickly as pick up was imminent so unfortunately the true colour isn't shining through.

Although this is an older pieced top I wanted the quilting to be contemporary to the style/colours of the quilt. I used matching Metro threads and quilted using pebbles, echoes, echoed swirls and stitch in the ditch. It was a lot of work and we were on a deadline to get it finished but it was so worth it. What a treasure trove of memories this quilt must hold.....and the twins arrived safe and sound and are now in there twenties......

Can you see the date inscription 1990-1994- Oklahoma, Fortrose.

This photo shows more of the vibrant colours

Still more December quilts to come soon.....


  1. Oh my! Beautiful work by you and the quilt makers.

  2. What a beautiful quilt Kay and I love how you have quilted it - I bet your customer was really happy with it. I like the green background they used on it, I'm so used to using cream/beige that I forget other colours can also be very effective. Was the other quilt finished?

  3. Stunning quilt Kay. Sometimes procrastination pays off. Back in the 90's we didn't quilt this way. Your current style of quilting makes this quilt exponentially better. (Says She Who Started Quilting In The '80s)

  4. Красивое одеяло. Очень аккуратная работа!


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