Friday, 27 February 2015

3D Quilts, Mexican flowers....

I had a client bring me a quilt with 3D folded flowers. Eunice requested custom quilting but left the interpretation to me. Sometimes it's difficult to know how far to push the quilting level.

My main focus was to keep the definition in the flowers but not have quilting that was too expensive or over the top, I chose a simple feathered medallion motif in the centre and was pleased that the slightly A-symmetrical blocks gave an overlay effect. I emphasised the 3D flowers by outlining the petals and leaves which helped them pop off the quilt a little.

There were many thread changes to complement the flower colours and little feather motifs in the flower centres. The batting is 100% bamboo, I was a little nervous that the quilting wasn't showing up, that also curbed the quilting level a little but once off the frame the quilt relaxed and showed it's true colours...

Thankfully another happy customer.......


  1. Gorgeous, the quilting is beautiful! I imagine the 3-D flowers would have made you stop and think for a bit.... ready made texture though I guess!

  2. So pretty. I am very partial to dark background quilts.

  3. Beautiful top, with gorgeous quilting once again.


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