Thursday, 26 February 2015

Celtic Basketweave in Machine Quilting Unlimited

Look what dropped through my door here in Scotland....

My article on Celtic Basketweave looks terrific in print. I'm loving this issue of Machine Quilting Unlimited, have already read it cover to cover. Check it out to see my article on Celtic Basketweave. Here in the UK it's available as a hard copy at or from both hard copy and digital straight to your laptop or device....


  1. Loved the article! Didn't realize it was yours, but can't wait to try drawing one. How do you
    get it onto fabric? I can't imagine actually drawing it up on fabric, but am seeing wonky
    potential doing a transfer from paper.

  2. Kay, I received my issue the other day and noticed your article. I looked at it and said "Hey, I know her work, I follow her blog". The article was great and well done. Congrats and well done.


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