Sunday, 12 June 2016

An eclectic mix...

Edge to edge quilting or pantographs are an economical choice for bed and utility quilts whether pieced or appliqued

 Doreen's Dresden plates are appliqued to the background blocks, the fabrics are nautical prints but who would know that, it is not at first obvious on this quilt, quilted with Surf by Anne Bright using Metro Khaki Sand thread.

 Margaret's applique quilt has fused fabrics and lots of sparkly threads. the fabrics give a vintage homely feel to the quilt. Margaret chose Bush Berries, it fit very well with the borders fabrics.

Betty pieced this lovely quilt for her Grandson, I love the mix of fabrics, they give an oriental feel to the quilt. It's quilted with a silver blue Metro thread and an edge to edge called Crystal Maze, ;ove it....

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  1. I really like that Bush Berries quilting pattern!


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