Saturday, 23 July 2016

Bad blogger...

 I'm a bad blogger, there seems to be so much going on over the summer to blog in the evenings and before I know it two or three weeks have gone by. There's lots going on on the farm, sheep have been clipped, silage has been cut baled and led back to the steading. We had a couple of really warm days that were broken by thunder and lightening storms with rain coming down like stair rods followed by hail stones, the drains couldn't take the water so guess what, seepage, I can't say flooding but definite seepage into the house again.

Through all of that, I've been quilting up a storm too, these three quilts went home a couple of weeks ago. The first two are shop samples for FabricFocus in Edinburgh, Kevin sends quilts down to me in the post and I send them back using Parcelforce 48, it's a very good service, often the qults are home within 24 hours but definitely 48 or two working days.

The first quilt is a lovely pinwheel baby quilt, to keep it light and floaty  I used an open design named target, it's spirals that criss cross over the quilt surface.

 This next small sample quilt uses half hexies to make whole hexagons, no 'y' seams right. Kevin asked for bees to go with the honeycomb look, I found these cute bumble bees they look fab quilted out in honey gold thread.

This final quilt belongs to Lillian who took a class with Kevin at FabricFocus. The block is 'ribbon star', Lillian requested timewarp in silver thread, a very good choice.

Back soon with more quilted goodness....

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  1. Cute the quilting...especially the bees!


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