Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Zeynep's Nearly Insane Quilt.....

This is a photo heavy blog post. I couldn't wait for Zeynep to come home from her Turkish holiday, I know she was excited to get home too. Zeynep pieced this Nearly Insane quilt all by hand, that's the name of the pattern 'nearly insane'. The fabrics are varied and many, just imagine collecting all of those reds, there are a few different lights too. I don't think there a two blocks the same, I know I quilted all of the blocks with a different quilting design using only white and a very little red thread. I was asked to quilt some images of cats and dogs into the quilt so I did just that and hid them in the blocks to be found later.  Two dogs and four cats, I cut templates for them and also a small template to help keep my feather design in the sashings consistent. The same design throughout the sashings stops the quilting from being too busy. This is full Custom, Heirloom Quilting.

All freemotion hand guided with a little ruler work, Zeynep is going to add a 3/4 inch red binding to finish off the edge.....

Make a cup of coffee and enjoy the photos..... Oh and there is a short video tutorial too


  1. Hello Kay,

    What a magnificent quilt!!! and your quilting with the two color threads makes it even better!
    It has being such an inspiration to see the pictures with more details.
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thank you so much Kay! I may have pieced the quilt but you certainly have finished it beautifully. It wouldn't have been the same without your skill and patience. You are simply the best...

    1. Thank you Zeynep, it is a beautifully pieced quilt. I was sorry to see it leave.....


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