Wednesday, 21 September 2016

A mixed bag....

I was so pleased to finish Jan's quilt for her, it is a souvenir from New York, bought as a kit from 'The City Quilter' a world renowned quilt shop. Unfortunately The City Quilter is closing down, isn't that a shame, hopefully someone will buy the shop as a going concern.

There are lots of panels/blocks of famous landmarks as you can see in the photos. I quilted it with Surf by Anne Bright with black thread to match the sashings. I had a backing fabric in stock, a blue and green batik that was just the thing to finish it all off

This lovely charm quilt is from a new customer, it's Kathryn's first quilt made with lovely pinks, mauves and lilacs. Kathryn request an open design called primrose, we chose a silver grey thread, it turned out just lovely.

My DH and I had a trip up to Edinburgh last Saturday to help No 2 Son and his Wife move house, after we had finished lugging bags and boxes we took a walk around the new neighbourhood. This is the New Town, beautiful sandstone terraces and cobbled streets.

I love this old car, an Auston A20, I think?

 I love these cheeses, did you know the correct way to serve a stilton cheese is to spoon it right out of the top of those huge cheeses.

Just around the corner is this lovely Starbucks, took this photo for my friend Maryna, who has promised to buy me a 'pumkin spiced latte' when we meet in Houston in just a few weeks.....woohoo!

It wasn't long before we had wandered onto Princes Street, it was packed with people, it was difficult to walk around.

 This fantastic sand sculpture caught our eye, it was very lifelike, guess the artist just sweeps it up again at the end of the day...

I did a bit of hedgerow foraging at the weekend, I picked Rowans, Rosehips, and plums....

 I made jellies and jam and pickled some beetroots too....


Pickled beetroot, Damson jam, Victoria plum jam, Plum jam, Rowan jelly and Rosehip syrup, of course I've already tasted most of it, far superior to shop bought preserves....


  1. All yummy scrummy :0) Say hi to Maryna from me! Xx

  2. So many lovely photos here, the quilts are lovely and I really like the pantographs that you used. I'm very impressed with all your preserves. A blog full of pretty pictures, most enjoyable.

  3. Thank you Edith, it was a busy week, same as usual really!

  4. love all the photos! I also am sad that an iconic shop like The City Quilter is closing :( I can almost taste the jams and jellies!

  5. Love all your photos. Nice quilt for your client to have - a momento of her trip to the Big Apple. Mmmmm Jams and Jellies Mmmm


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