Sunday 21 October 2018

A tempting trio...

Lisa's lovely Log Cabin quilt is paper pieced, this gives lovely precise pressed seams on the back of the quilt top, this helps give a lovely flat finish to the quilting. Unfortunately I was remiss to get a full photograph of the quilt but did manage to get a couple of close ups and a short video. The pantograph or edge to edge design is Feather Flourish quilted with a dark blue thread to match the border and the backing fabric.

This is a digitised design, completed using my computerised system.

Here is a short the arrow below....

This second quilt is also one of Lisa's, it's double sided and that in it's self is quite daunting for the longarmer. Matching up the front and back so the quilting gives a pleasing effect on both sides is a little complicated and doesn't always work as we would expect. There is lots of pinning involved and the process can look really awkward, the layers shift when rolled, the pins cause the top to look puckered, all we can do is hope that it all turns out OK in the end. 

On this occasion the quilt turned out very well, not 100% perfect but I would say 90%., I'm happy with that.
Quilted using ruler work for the curved crosshatching and hand guided freemotion quilting done by me for the flowing feathers. 

Sandra's lovely sampler quilt is a gift for her Granddaughter, there is lots of pieced patchwork blocks and also appliqued flowers and leaves. I quilted it with a digitised design named Midsummer which has hidden moons, stars, hearts and flowers.

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  1. Beautiful work by both of you. Credit to your skills.


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