Monday 24 December 2018

Broderie Perse!

Angela is a return customer who produces outstanding appliqué work. This is broderie perse,  (French for "Persian embroidery") and is a style of appliqué which uses printed elements carefully cut from fabric to create a scene when appliqued onto the background fabric. It was most popular in Europe in the 17th century, and is said to have probably travelled from India.

As can be seen there are rich reds and creams appliqued in Baltimore style blocks with an undulating vine border with birds and butterflies. The wadding is Simply Cotton, 100% cotton. The quilting is all freehand, freemotion, handguided using a cream thread and an invisible thread to give definition to the flowers and leaves.

I know this is a treasured quilt that was stitched at the bedside of her little Granddaughter, Hannah during some difficult days in hostpital. The quilt will be gifted to Hannah in years to come. 

I really was sorry to send this one back home to Southern Ireland.

As usual, there are lots of photos to enjoy.....


  1. What a beautiful quilt. I love the way you have left leaves and buds overflowing into the feather design. Superb. Thank you for all the beautiful photos.

  2. What a beautiful treasure! and your quilting is spectacular - all those pebbles! That would take me forever.

  3. Beautiful Broderie Perse and beautifully quilted!! I love the variety you bring into it.

  4. A beautiful quilt further enhanced by your stunning quilting. Love it!


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