Sunday, 21 July 2019

A Mish Mash of Quilts

 At long last my camera's phone has decided to play nice with my laptop, it seemed they had had a bit of a tiff, but all now seems well, technology eh?

So it's been a few weeks and I have quite a few customer quilts to show....

Moira pieced this delicate, double sided quilt for a friend who had given her the very special gift of her wedding dress to use in sewing projects.
Moira made this special souvenir as a gift to give as a surprise back to her friend, the wedding dress is the cream fabric on the front of the quilt and the star on the back. I used a cream thread and a designed named Feather Flourish, it turned out lovely.

Ishbel pieced this log cabin quilt from a kit available at Fabric Focus in Edinburgh, the blocks are laid out in a design named furrows, I quilted it with white thread and a design named Trinity...

This lovely wedding ring quilt was started as a Ruby Wedding anniversary quilt, it took over 10 years to finish, even the Golden Wedding anniversary passed by too, but now it's all done, I'm sure Wilma is thrilled with the finished quilt. Quilted with a design named Surf

Kevin at Fabric Focus pieced this lovey bold quilt with a black background, I love the colour movement of the fabrics. Quilted with a design named Hot Stuff...

Nancy pieced this modern take on a tumbling block quilt, the piecing has curves, it's basically a half square triangle block. I love the lilac and turquoise batiks. Quilted with a design named Swirls.

Maureen appliqued this lovely folksie quilt, there is a lot of work in each block, two of each flower each with a ric-rac stem. Quilted with a cream thread and a design named Sherriberry

Another quilt from Ishbel, she does keep me at it. A star quilt, I like the movement of the fabrics. Quilted with a design named Delicate Vine.


  1. Lovely work from the quilt makers and quilter.

  2. Beautiful. I am glad your phone started to get along with your computer!


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