Sunday, 21 March 2010

Isn't it funny how someone you don't know can influence you!

Well, the first time the question was asked it wasn't directed souly at me, it was easy to say no, "Sorry no, I'm too busy".  I was too busy, I still am too busy!!!
"Anyone interested in quilting a Yurt panel"
I wasn't confused, I knew what a YURT was!
We had a wedding in one of our fields a couple of summers ago, a yurt was put up for the kid's to play in, (I think some guests may have even slept in it) so I knew what a yurt was!
Linzi is the APQS Rep here in the UK, she started a project, a big project to make quilted panels to cover a yurt....the finished project will be shown at the Loch Lomond Quilt Show!!
It's is a BIG project!
Needs lots of time and dedication.... Linzi asked for helpers on the APQS forum.....I am only a newbie to machine quilting with just a humble machine......actually Linzi's old machine....third hand bought off Ebay unseen.....I can't compete with all these wonderful quilters on the APQS forum.....
I've never even met Linzi....don't really even know what she looks like....I am sure that not many people actually look like those avatar photos, no one will recognise me if I am not riding that black
Because I had enquired about an APQS longarm,  Linzi had my address, the panel arrived in the post the next morning....
Did I say Yes?????
Heck, I'm going to be a "Stunt Quilter"!
I'd better practice, quilting practice... designs....oh my!!!
First to get my humble machine to make a good stitch, last time I used it, it drove me crazy, what in the past had been a good thread combination????  This machine is a little temperamental, snaggs on the back, birds nests etc. etc.
I gave it a good clean around the bobbin case, took off the needle plate, blew everything out, got rid of all those dust bunnies, gave her a little oil and a new needle, (she's always oiled regularly anyway)!!!
I put on my best combination of thread, I knew King Tut with any poly blend in the bobbin should work well and did a test run, that was OK no snags or shredding (as long I don't do too much right to left or south to north, how does that work, I know, I know,  feathers go in all directions, but try to go just right to left...arrrhhh???
I thought I'd try some of that Metro thread that Linzi sent, I didn't think it would work, last time I used poly on top it was a a bit carried away.....
What do you know, it has a perfect stitch, it's a long time since my machine stitched so well....that thread is so cheap, I  know we have to pay imort duty and vat but it's still cheap.... 'How many boxes will I order?

You can buy it here Metro Thread 

So I digress, " Isn't it funny how someone you don't know can influence you"???
"Hell... the name Linzi even made my machine stand to attention!!!!

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  1. Love your blog, Kay! I hope you have fun with the Yurt challenge as a Stunt Quilter. That old machine always loved cheap thread...!


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