Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Surprise, Surprise....

I have to thank Janet-Lee and Mary again....my quilt Inner Circle - Flower of Scotland came home quickly and smoothly, safe and sound with two ribbons.....yes, two Faculty Ribbons. The first from Sheila Sinclair Snyder and a second ribbon from the wonderful Irena Bluhm, a lovely lady....thank you for the recognition Ladies......and just look at that, everything is colour co-ordinated.

Well, stuff happens and I've had a few deadlines to keep but now back to reality....


  1. Congratualtions again - I am sure you were relieved to get the quilt back safe and sound!!

  2. I love that Irene recognized you and your quilt. She is such a super lady. I love her work. Your quilt would be right up her alley! I can see her falling in love with it. :-)

  3. A BIG congratulations Kay!! That's awesome you got 2 faculty ribbons. I missed seeing the second one on your quilt, so didn't realise it had received two. Way to go!!!!!


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