Saturday, 26 October 2013

My MQX Portland 2013 Part 2

My days at MQX were full of quilts, people and classes.

I took some great classes with Judy Woodworth x 2, Jackie Kunkel, Claudia Pfeil and Irena Bluhm.
The walking tour of the winning quilts with Cathy Wiggins was extremely informative, at the end of which we had a special meeting with the now 'famous' Bethanne Nemish who told us the story of her winning quilt.
I took the beginner class for Art and Stitch software to see how I would like the program, the class certainly kept my attention for the two hour morning class and I'm not really a morning person...
I also took a 2 hour lecture with Lisa Sipes.

Here are a few photos of some of my favourite quilts from the many photos I took.....

Orange you Glad by Sharon Lacey

I Dream of Wild Horses by Kristin Vierra

Odins Trilogy by Linzi Upton

Crown Jewels by Lisa Calle
Down the Rabbit Hole by Karen Marchetti

In the Quilt as Desired exhibit quilted by Vickie Maloney

In the Quilt as Desired exhibit the tulips were quilted by Vickie Maloney

It was wonderful to meet so many of the girls from the APQS forum....we had dinner on Thursday night at Stamfords, at the Lord Centre thanks to Linda R for organising this for us.....

The Fall colours of the trees are just wonderful....more photos to come in my next and last post of my MQX trip.


  1. I missed going to a big show this year and love seeing your pics of what was there. I would have loved to have seen some of these in person. It is so exciting to see some of the quilters I met on the forum many years ago and how they have turned into major contributors to the big shows now. How we have grown up over the years.

  2. Looks like you had a blast! Thanks for posting all those pictures.

  3. Thanks for the pics. Keep them coming...... :-)


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