Tuesday 22 October 2013

My MQX West Portland 2013 Part 1

I know it's been a while, I've been a bit 'jet lagged' or under the weather not sure which.....

It wasn't planned that way but on my birthday I set off on a journey.....from Edinburgh via Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam to Portland Oregon.

My room mate and now good friend Maryna from South Africa met me at Portland airport. Maryna arrived 2 days earlier so was already rested and ready to go.....shopping, so more or less straight of the plane I was at the Lloyd Centre Shopping Mall. It was a beautiful Fall day, much warmer than cold Scotland, the warmth and the fact that I had missed a nights sleep took affect quite quickly. An early night was in order, we had a very quiet room at the Red Lion Hotel, just over the road from the Convention Centre.

Convention Centre Portland, this is the vied from our room at the Red Lion hotel

Monday found us shopping and sight seeing in the Pearl district where we found Powell's famous book store which takes up a whole block and then some and Dr Martens boot store on the adjacent block.  Maryna has found Starbucks, literally as there isn't a Starbucks in SA.
I had a plan for Tuesday to visit Fabric Depot, they were having a 30% sale....WOW, I knew this place was going to be big but never ever dreamt it would be colossal. I had told Maryna we were going to visit a quilt store, we were a little overwhelmed and wandered around aimlessly for a while. I'm sure we were wandering around with dropped jaws in awe of all the fabric. We quickly came to our senses and spent some money???? I met a long time 'internet friend' right there in the store, Donna and I just met and started chatting like we had known each other all our lives.....

On Tuesday evening we were off to the 'ice cream social', where we got a sneak peak at the classes, Tutors and new gadgets on offer and a bowl of delicious ice cream.  The highlight of the evening was of course meeting up with Janet-Lee and Mary and the belly laugh of listening to their wonderful singing.....

Wednesday was the start of classes, Maryna and I went our separate ways  but checked back later to discuss and share information.
On Wednesday evening we attended the Awards Ceremony and although a little disappointed not to receive an award  I was thrilled for the winners. We surveyed the winning quilts and met their makers and more friends along the way. There were some fantastic quilts, this is a very stiff competition.

The winning quilt 'The Shell Collectors' by Bethanne Nemish was awesome and Bethanne is a real sweetheart, she is another long time internet friend from MQR.

My good friend Donna with her fabulous wholecloth won a 2nd prize.

Me and my friend Jerry Granata (we go way back....lol...) and his fabulous mini wholecloth Petit Plume.

This is still Sneak Peak night, (I managed to catch Jerry before he headed off to classes the next day).

Me and my friend Jerry with my painted wholecloth ......

The next day I was very excited to be told by my friend Julie from Australia that my quilt was displaying a Faculty/Teachers Ribbon given by Sheila Sinclair Snyder of Licenced to Quilt in Eugene Oregon, so I rushed over to take a photo here with my very good friend and room mate Maryna Kat from South Africa....

More photos later.......


  1. It was a real pleasure meeting you Kay. Thank you for all the effort and time to join us at MQX. I hope that our paths cross again.

  2. Thanks for sharing you pictures! Glad you had great time!!!!


  3. Well thanks for featuring me on your page Kay, that was very sweet of you. And speaking of sweet, you just couldn't have been more sweet and gracious!

  4. Oh Kay - just the first few days' journal so far - and it sounds like you had SUCH a fabulous time! Memories which will last a lifetime :O) Look forward to hearing more :O)
    Welcome back - Ani xx

  5. Hi Kay, Your quilt looked beautiful hanging at MQX. My room mates and I were most impressed. I can't believe we didn't manage to bump into each other though! Lana in London xxx

  6. Looks like you had a fabulous time. Can't wait to see the rest of your pictures.

  7. Glad you had a good time. Love the pictures. By the way.........is that the top your made - that you are wearing in the last picture?? Love it.......it looks so nice on you :-)

  8. Looks like you had a wonderful time in Portland and meeting old and new friends, which really is the best part, isn't it! I was at the Portland show in 2011 and also visited the Fabric Depot, and I had to chuckle at how you found it sooooo huge, as did I. An amazing place! I'm glad it's in Portland and not anywhere near me, otherwise it could be dangerous! Congrats on your Faculty/Teachers Ribbon! Totally awesome! :-)

  9. Well done on your award!! You certainly managed to fit in lots - hope you'll bring your fabrics to Borderland to show us.


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