Saturday 15 January 2011

Arrhhhh....How did that get there!

No red thread in this project and I also use a hammock to hold my batting and quilt top of the floor....

The only panick was 'where did I put my crochet hooks'...had to think long and hard, hadn't seen them since before I moved my studio into this upstairs room, I did eventually find them....

These are the tools I use to remove those pesky threads that sometimes appear and of course are so obvious behind a white or pale coloured square.

I use the pin to open up the fibers and then the crochet hook (that's a size 20, very small) to poke in there and tease out that thread.....

Took two attemps but got it all out!

That's a lot of thread!
Let the fabric relax and no one will know it was ever there!


  1. Very clever, I'll have to try that sometime.

  2. Kay,

    Thank you for great instructions ... just hope I never have to use them!
    (It is a vary faint hope!)

    Judy B

  3. Kay - what a great idea...and thank you for that information. By the way - I love your quilting. What size are those squares?

  4. Good job at getting that thread out! Thankfully - most of the quilts I've done so far have been darker fabrics and the whites I've picked are thicker, so they hide stray threads.

    The quilting looks great!

  5. What a great idea - I must file that one away for the future. The quilting looks fabulous!

  6. Success...glad you got the thread out. BTW, do you have photos of your studio on the blog? I'd love to see it!!

  7. What a great idea - congrats on getting that pesky thread out. Ever figure out where it came from?

  8. Margie...I'm sure that's a rogue thread left around from my Christmas trip quilt...but how it got there I don't know???

    Thanks for dropping by!

  9. What lovely and appropriate quilting, not too little, not too much - Mary

  10. Well done!!! I can feel your heart ache!

  11. A friend of mine calls them "varicose veins" :o)

    Thanks for sharing such a clever trick!

  12. Very clever idea! I keep those tiny crochet hooks even though I do not like to crochet with thread. They come in handy for a variety of things.

  13. Not many have such small hooks.
    I've my stash of steel needles in a safe place. Some we even my grandmother's.

    BTW, GREAT tip.



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