Saturday 22 January 2011

New Fabrics!

What do you do with yours?

I like to fold mine into little piles and look at them for a few days!


  1. First off I sneak them into the house.....then I wash them, fold them and put them on my cutting table so that they can be admired for a few days.

  2. I iron my new stash then decide which color stack it should go into. Then I change my mind and mess with it some more. Then I sit back and enjoy the colors and they way they play with each other.

  3. Hi Kay, I've been admiring your wonderful eBay 9 patch that you quilted. Fanastic job.
    Re: new fabric -- I too like to admire it but I usually wash and fold it first. Nothing goes on my shelves without first being washed. Sometimes they sit on the washing machine for weeks before getting washed, but each time I pass by I admire and think of what I might do with them.

    Also beautiful landscape photos of Scotland -- loved the piglets! Dar


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