Sunday 6 February 2011

Fieron's First Quilt!

I am so proud of my Grandaughter Fieron for her perseverance with this quilt.....she is eight years old and although I did help and encourage when needed, I am sure Fieron has done 75% of this quilt herself....

All the nine patch blocks finished hooray....

Here she is piecing the blocks together as seen in a previous post.....

Fieron was so pleased with our choice of backing fabric.....snow leopard fleece/fur.....she stroked it for the rest of the afternoon....

We decided on the RnS swirls boards so that Fieron could quilt it herself from the back of the machine...then we had a bit of a set back when I realised that I had the wrong bracket for my new and updated 'Bliss', we had to come to a compromise as we needed this quilt quilted NOW.....I have to say that Ron from RnS sent me a new bracket (from a Lenni) that will fit on my Bliss carriage...'Thank you so much Ron'!

We had to use the upfront system on my Quiltazoid, the RnS boards can be used on it but we could use only one board...... that meant moving the system four times across the quilt on each advance.....a bit tricky but WE managed it......
I moved the system, rolled on the quilt and 'Fieron Quilted it'!

Here she is standing on a chair.....Look at the concentration........

I decided at the last minute to use a layer of Pellon Legacy 80/20's a very thin batting...we used Black metro thread, it doesn't show up on the fleece but you can see the texture, the quilt finished at 60" x 84".

Here it is all finished.....

This swirls board design is so useful...I've seen it on a variety of different pieced quilts and it always looks's very versatile and will be useful on customer quilts.....

Fieron loves that her name is quilted into the quilt....

Fieron's quilt in it's new home!


  1. She looks so happy that I bet it will not be her last quilt! I love the pink with black and white.

  2. Fieron, your quilt is beautiful. you did a fantastic job. Looking forward to seeing your next quilt.

  3. Well done Fieron!! The quilt looks lovely, and I really like the swirls.

  4. What joy! She's a darling young lady, and so talented. And mostly, it looks like she had much fun 'working' on it. I simply love that last pic!

  5. Yay for Fieron! Well done, it's lovely!

  6. Beautiful quilt, Fieron! You did a wonderful job with the piecing and the quilting is gorgeous! My twins have quilted their first quilts also on my longarm and stood on chairs to do it. They are six now, and really do better with the long arm than the regular sewing machine!

    Can't wait to see your next one!


  7. Wonderful. I have a 7 year old and she just finished her first too. It's so much fun to see them get excited out something we enjoy so much. I just found your blog and boy am I glad I did.

  8. Kay, she is a cutie!! I can't wait until my granddaughters are old enough to quilt! Mary in the Mountains


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