Thursday 17 February 2011

I got a Double Whammy or should that be Grammy Award!

I have a new friend and blog follower.....Cathy of Cathy Tomm Quilts....Cathy enjoyed her recent visit to my blog so much that she passed on the Liebster Award to me and my blog.....

"Thank You Cathy"

Cathy lives in Alberta, Canada....It is such a shame that Cathy and I live so far apart as we seem to have so much in common.....I am sure we would be very good friends....who knows one day we may meet somehow....somewhere....I'm looking forward to it Cathy!

And then, my good friend Shirley at  The World According to Me also gave me the Liebster so much blog love all in one have followed Shirley's blog for a while, Shirley is like a whirlwind.....she gets through so much work on her longarm in her studio through the day and then does pieceing at home at night too....along with logging and house renovation...makes me tired just reading about it....I'm sure Shirley and I would get along just fine....I would love to go 'thrifting' with you and your Sister Shirley! 
Shirley was one of my original nominees so I am sending the Liebster Award right on back to her.....I don't know if that means Shirley has to nominate again....Shirley, guess that's up to you to decide.....but don't sweat the small stuff!

  "Thank You Shirley"

The Liebster award is designed to bring recognition to interesting blogs with 300 or less followers....there are so many wonderful blogs out there it's difficult to shortlist three (or should that now be six) that I visit regularly....I visit a huge bunch of blogs...but......drum roll please....... the winners are......

Joan at Leschenault Joan lives in Western Australia and is the most amazing freemotion quilter...on a domestic machine....go take a look at what she can do!

Shirley at The World According to Me ....Shirley is a longarm quilter from The Mark Twain Forest, Missouri with a wonderful view on life...Shirley has so much energy she wears me out....I can't believe how much Shirley can fit into one day!

My friend and American Sister  Viki at Fiberobsessive ...It's a long story but Viki and I think that we must be related....Viki lives in Indiana......I am always so inspired by Viki's wonderful quilting....Her designs are always wonderful...I am sure that Viki's customers are so pleased to have her work on their quilts!

For a world of colour, inspiration and encouragement go take a visit to Shannon or Doodlebug as she is affectionately known....Shannon lives near Atlanta Georgia and is another wonderful longarm quilter from the US (all freemotion)...even when she is in a slump (as she calls it) Shannon can't fail to make me laugh!

My good friend Janette at J-Quilts is doing some wonderful work on her longarm here in the UK and has just started her blog and her own business quilting for others....Now I have to say that Janette is the odd one out because Janette and I have met, in real life we live about 3/4 hours apart but we email each other most days and offer each other help, advice and encouragement on all things quilty!  Thank you Janette for being my penpal too!

We are all so fortunate to live in this age where the world really IS a small place….we are all so interwoven and connected by our various threads…pun definately intended!


  1. well, Kay, how cool is that. 2 of the same awards in one day. that just means you are special. hugs to you. shirley

  2. Congratulations Kay, Well deserved as your blog is a pleasure to visit.

    Thank you for the Blog links too,some I already knew, but the others are new to me, I enjoyed visiting them.
    Best Wishes
    Kath x


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