Friday 11 February 2011

On a clear day....

You can see forever......

And ever......

Enjoy it while you can as the rain is coming back again tomorrow!


  1. Beautiful! So green and lush looking.

  2. Goodness, what a wonderful part of the world you live in.

  3. I would like to give you a Liebster award for your blog. I am to past this award on to three blogs I like that have less then 300 followers. They are to do the same. If you accept, I post your blog link on my page. You would do the same for the three blogs you past the award on to. Please contact me.

  4. Sorry I don't have a blog or URL so I always have to be Anonymous.
    Gorgeous countryside! You can see forever. Love the farms about. Love your pictures and have been following you for awhile. Cheers, Sara

  5. We are so lucky to live here!

  6. Gorgeous....

    Thanks so much for sharing!


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