Saturday 17 December 2011

A bit of company.....

It's nice to have a bit of company sometimes when you are quilting.....

Meet 'Red' the Red Admiral....

I like to see butterflies on quilts but I don't really want to attach a real one....sometimes he gets so close to the needle I'm scared I'm going to stitch him in ....of course he's trying to get under the lights of my longarm.....he should really be finding a nice dark corner here in my studio to sleep in for the winter.


  1. Company is always nice. Especially if they're nice and polite and well mannered :)

  2. THats lovely Kay - what a beautiful butterfly:)

  3. This made me smile!
    We always associate butterfly visits with our daughter that left us too soon. I would love for one to stop by this winter, but probably will have to wait for spring.
    If it is all right for you, I will count this as a visit from her!


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