Sunday, 11 December 2011

Friends Across the Ocean!

Remember these? These are my block swap blocks....the deal was pick one black with white fabric, one white with black fabric, and two bright fabrics......

These 2 x 30 sets of blocks flew off to to my friend Shannon in Atlanta, Georgia, Shannon sorted all of the Friendship Star blocks and I received these blocks in return....of course you all know these are 'friendship stars'.....

My blocks are in the four corners pulling it all together, borders added and quilted with a 'star burst' pantograph which blends right on in and is me the quilting can be the best part of a quilt and it can't even be seen....'Oh Well'

I had a few blocks left over that were perfect for pillow shams.....

I set myself a few tasks to finish up some UFO's before the end of the year and here it is all finished at last from my 'Friends across the ocean!'

Can you see your blocks?

Update:- this quilt now lives in Scotland capital city of Edinburgh with my youngest Son....


  1. What fun! One of these days I'm going to join a swap like that one. :D
    It looks fabulous!

  2. That is absolutely lovely, Kay.

  3. That is beautiful Kay. Sometimes the quilting is the star of the show, sometimes it's the supporting cast.

    You've ended up with a gorgeous quilt and I love the way the pillow shams finish it all off.

  4. The friendship star quilt is beautiful... Lovely.

  5. That certainly is the nature of those kind of fabrics, quilting not showing much. Good job you didn't quilt custom .....

    Love the quilt though, lovely and bright.

  6. Hello, nice job with the friendship stars. I have too many projects started right now and I need motivated to finish some. Love your site. Denby (icluesew)

  7. Our small quilt group does friendship star to form a "grandma" quilt for each of us as we become grandmothers. We only make our quilts with a dozen stars and a single border. But very often, not all of our stars "spin" in the same direction. I find it amazing that in the many blocks of your quilt the stars all "spin" alike! I guess we could use some help! Really love that quilt.


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