Wednesday 30 May 2012

Mosspaul Saturday 2012

Saturdays ride went to Mosspaul, there were around 136 horses for this 26 mile ride. It was a lovely shirtsleeve day with a cooling breeze for the horses and the Cornet's followers whether by horse, foot or car. This is a short video of the first gallop of the day in the famous Pilmuir Field, no fallers so that was great....

The Cornet arriving at Mosspaul.....

This is the river crossing at Linhope on the start of the return journey where the riders again disappear up into the hills to the ride over the 'Moss'!

The riders gave their horses every opportunity to drink, no one wants their horse to be dehydrated on such a warm day!

 Graham and Kyle already have their Mosstroopers badges but there will be a few new followers who receive their badges after todays ride. The female riders can now get a 'ride out' badge which wasn't available when I did this ride.
Here's Kyle upfront with the youngsters following the Cornet back into town behind the band. Well done!

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  1. Love to see another horse day. The weather looked good. We have had a cold spring so I am hoping for warmer weather here.


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