Sunday 13 May 2012


This weeks Saturday 'ride out' went from Hawick to Roberton our home village to the farm next door to us (and then back again after the picnik, around 12 miles today).
We've had lots of torrential rain this week so the rivers were flooded and not safe to cross on or off horseback.  The rides were diverted and routes changed. It was a little difficult to get correct information to see the riders so no action shots across country this week. Lot's of washing as usual as the riders were all well spattered with mud!

Here's Kyle and Layla all saddled up ready to leave...

The Cornet left at 1.30 by the town clock.

It's a bit like a military maneouvre sometimes as today Robin, Graham and Kyle were riding.......

At the Picnik point the town kids always rush to get a horse to hold while the riders enjoy refreshments, it's quite lucrative to be a 'hodder' for an hour or two. This is Ellie who was holding Dibbley today.

However, only Graham and Kyle set off back into town .....

We had another trip back into town to pick up the horse trailer, then home to pick up another pony and get Fieron dressed for her first try riding with the big horses....nerve wracking to say the least .... Fieron is nine years old and Rosie is 11.3 hands high, that's very small in comparison to the bigger horses!

Here they are waiting for the cavalcade to pass by at the crossroads where we hoped it would be a good place to join in, it's about 1 1/2 - 2 miles into town?

Fieron and her pony Rosie were stars and both took everything in their stride, here they are supported by Dad on one side and big brother Kyle on the other.

Back to the trailers safe and sound.


This weeks Tuesday 'ride out' went to Lilliesleaf, here are the horses waiting for the Cornet....

Here he comes wearing his ceremonial Bowler hat, when they get out of town the whole ride stops so they can change into proper hard riding hats, it's law in the UK.


  1. I lovfe these pics Kay. Your pics are capture the pristine landscape. Enjoy your week.

  2. Hi Kay! Your drawing is absolutely stunning! The thought of actually quilting that design is something I only dream of! But I can't wait to see what you do with it.

    Recently I had the privilege of being nominated as a small blog for the Liebster Award, and so I've nominated your small blog for the Leibster Award today! I didn't know what that was, so I Googled it.


    -Teresa at Common Quilts

  3. Hi Kay! Love you photos, that are just beautiful. I couldn't help but smile at that sweet little Fieron on her trusty pony Rosie. She looks so proud of herself. Awesome!

  4. Sounds very fascinating!


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