Monday 15 April 2013

A new customer...

A new customer, Ray is a gentleman quilter, I completed custom quilting on his oriental panels. The 3 dimensional flying geese borders made economical use of fabrics as the fabrics were reversed, Ray is a brave man to enter into the realm of female quilters, lots of leg pulling, not least by his wife.

Oriental panels 3D geese

Ray's Oriental panels

I love this fresh looking quilt, Doreen worked really hard with these bias cut pieces in modern fabrics and turned them into a lovely quilt, Bush Berries panto with bright white Metro thread

Doreen's fresh quilt 2

Doreen's fresh quilt

On another bright note, the Colorado quilt is finished, just need to take a few more photos to blog with!


  1. Wow! Two more great quilts! Congratulations Ray on standing up for what you want to do! It's a lovely quilt.

  2. Lovely quilts! I think its great that guys quilt!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  3. Oh! I really love the spiral line you quilted in down the centers of the 3D geese. That was a great way to handle them, and makes the free sides really stand out.


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