Wednesday 3 April 2013

Catch up....

Thought I'd better catch up before moving on to April....

I had a couple of panto quilts, one from a new customer, a lovely delicate log cabin quilt in pastel colours, Patricia chose Primrose which looks wonderful on the creamy yellow fabrics.....

PH 1 Primrose

PH Primrose

Patricia also chose the option of having me machine stitch the binding to the front of her quilt so that she could hand stitch down the binding to the back herself.

This is a great pattern that Margaret devised for herself....and is all hand pieced, Margaret always hand pieces her quilts, perfectly, another great finish....

MT 1 Happy Times

MT2 Happy Times

Margaret chose Happy Times as an open design for a soft drape, it's a cosy looking quilt.

Before Easter I was asked to quilt up three large hangings for a country kirk at Hutton. Some of the Kirk Ladies had made up the hangings to brighten up a dark corner, I hope they managed to get them finished, bound and hung in time for the Easter Service....

Hutton Three Panels A

HuttonKirk 2

These are all the same colour, I took the photos at different times of day, but they will look all the same when hung, I'm sure the congregation will appreciate all of the hard work the Ladies put into making these large hangings....90" x 55" each.

I 've been trying to quilt up a big quilt of my own, it's a good job I have zippers, the number of times it's been on and off the frame, I've already lost count!

Last week I was invited to give a talk to the Souter Quilters, one of the small local quilt groups in my area where I'm a member. It was a small turn out as the weather was a bit temperamental, there was another covering of snow when we came out to pack everything back into the car. I think all of my quilts, slides and videos were well received, we certainly had plenty of quilts to keep us warm if we were snowed in.


  1. Hey, the Hope Faith Love panels are really neat.

  2. They are all lovely but the three for the church are my favourites. Congratulations on being invited to talk to another group - are you getting over your nerves yet?

  3. Wow, the wall hangings are really quite large and soooo beautiful! They will really look lovely hanging in the church. Well done! I have always loved the log cabin, the simplicity, the age old look of them, and the quilting chosen really is perfect adding curves and giving it so much texture. Love it! How fun to speak at the quilt group and share your quilts and slides/videos. I'll bet they were well received and so inspiring. :-)


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