Wednesday 21 May 2014

Philhope Bridge, A Bridge too Far

Tuesday's Ride Out was to Philhope Bridge.....this ride comes right over our land, passed and on up the valley to Philhope Bridge. We had arranged that Kyle and Millie would ride with Tessa and Willow. Willow is a young horse, this was her first time away from home, in fact her first time off the farm and she wasn't really fit we trailered the horses up to Philhope to ride back into town. This is still around a 12 mile ride for just half of the ride.....

There had been a severe weather warning for the afternoon....only around 100 horse turned out. This is a hard ride if the weather isn't good, we have had snow and hail on this ride before. Just as the horses started to leave it rained but the riders stayed dry as the weather swirled around and followers got a little wet though.

Off they go up over the hills, the next view point was at the Allan Water at Newmill Ford, here's the Cornet with his Right and Left Hand Men and the Acting Father

Kyle with Tessa and Millie with Willow in the middle of the photo

Waiting back in town....flags are up and the Towns folk are waiting as usual

It stayed dry for the horses,  riders and the crowds of folk cheering the horses in....Tessa and Willow are field mates so stayed together, Willow was as good as gold and took everything in her stride....


  1. So beautiful. I love horses. Such strength and beauty

  2. Wow, that looks so exciting to take part in. Loved the wee one at the end of the parade in town. Thanks for sharing.


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