Sunday, 4 May 2014

Recently Re-homed....

I had a couple of quilts that went home recently....two completely different quilts by different customers.

The first, a free form quilt in the style of Nancy Crow with curved piecing and solid coloured fabrics

Sometimes a quilt needs a little more quilting than is anticipated by the owner but I think in this case the extra time and  work paid off to give a more pleasing result....

We had a few thread changes that also takes up bit of time....

The curved design is reminiscent of a pearl in an oyster shell.
I used differing techniques of freemotion quilting  to calm some of the fabrics and we ended with a straight flat customer, Lesley was happy with the result and is already piecing her next top....

From a quilt with lots of curved free form piecing to a quilt with very straight  but simple lines....

No fiddling with this one, got to the bottom and this is how the corners just fell into place...

My customer Kathryn chose Sherry Berry by Anne Bright, the simple design of the quilt top is a perfect showcase for this pantograph/edge to edge design.  Perfectly pressed seams and previously trimmed blocks really do make a flat, square quilt and it shows in the finished product. A flat square quilt even makes the quilting look perfect, nothing like a sense of satisfaction all round for the piecer and the quilter, 

Two very different but fun quilts for me to quilt.....


  1. Both quilts are so beautiful. It is interesting to see how you decide on the quilting design for each quilt. At the same time, enhancing all the elements that make each Quilt so unique.

  2. Lovely, both of them. Must be a treat to work on such different quilts.

  3. Yes, definitely one extreme to the other. Lovely quilting Kay on both and that is certainly a gorgeous edge to edge. Wonderful quilting on the curved quilt.

  4. Beautiful job!! Such talent........ :-) Loved them both.

  5. My goodness, Kay...what a wide range of styles! Both are extraordinary & beautifully quilted.

    I am always so grateful when you share the pattern name & source. That "Sherry Berry" is just gorgeous, especially seeing it on the back.
    I just purchased my first long arm machine...a 26" Innova with Lightening Stitch & Auto Pilot, so I am thirsty for information on such patterns. That is definitely one I'd like to get.

    You do lovely work & I truly appreciate you sharing it here.

  6. You have worked your "magic" on those quilts.


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