Tuesday 27 May 2014

To Mosspaul

Saturdays 'ride out' went to Mosspaul, 24 miles in total, it's a hard ride, 207 horses crossed the Pilmuir field.

Here are a couple of links for further information....

Mosstroopers club

Mosspaul Inn

The Cornet leaving....

Pilmuir field

Pilmuir Field


Arriving at Mosspaul

It was a freezing cold day at Mosspaul.....we rushed over to get a good spot to park and chat then got a bit cold waiting for the horses. After a picnic and refreshments the horses were ready to travel back to Hawick.

On the way home at North House the Cornet presented Kyle with the William Mitchell Hislop Memorial Cup for Junior Moss Troopers with Good Grace. Thank you for honouring Kyle with this award, of course we all secretly know our Grandson is special.

The Alan Water


  1. I have loved following along on these rides. Thanks so much for sharing your grandchildren, your horses, and your country. It's just wonderful.

  2. I agree with Ramona! Thank you for sharing all of this with us. I confess that I try to listen to everyone talk, I love to hear the accents. It seems that a great number of my ancestors came from Scotland, perhaps that is why it sounds like music to me. :-) And seeing the wonderful horses makes me rejoice. We are down to 10 now. It must be lovely to make those rides, cross country, come what may weather wise, and all the tradition behind them. I am a great fan of Thelwell's books, so I love the see the little ones on the ponies! Thank you Kay! Such fun! Sara @ohsirius7@hotmail.com


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