Thursday, 7 May 2015

Paducah 2015 - Nashville

Ellen safely drove us back to Nashville, State Capitol of Tennessee where we found our hotel on Music Row, right around the corner from Sony Recording Studios where Taylor Swift does business....

Apparently Taylor Swift has a condo in that green glass building
On our first morning we awoke to a Marathon with 30,000 entrants running past our hotel door, all roads were closed to traffic.

We took a walk down to Broadway it was heaving, we found somewhere to eat then browsed the shops, no quilts here just lots of cheap (read expensive) souvenir shops, we giggled as we tried on cowboy boots ,' buy one pair get two pairs free' but resisted temptation.

We also resisted a sugar overload, I've never seen so much sugar!

But I did buy a new pair of shades, check me out!  And yes my own prescription sunglasses were in my own car in the airport car park at Glasgow when I got back, right on the passenger seat where I had left them....

Ellen drove us to Franklin where we were lucky to find an 'arts and crafts festival' to entertain us....

These modern 'Brown Houses' caught Linzi's attention..

Back in Nashville Ellen entertained herself with a book and a very large jug of cocktails while Linzi and I went off on a jolly......

A Paducah Dogwood /Tennessee State Flower on the left and a Celtic Triskele on the right.

We visited a very interesting guitar shop, Gruhn's Vintage Guitars where I was told to use two hands if I wanted to handle any instruments, I'm a very touchy feely person, need pockets to help keep my hand to myself.

To be fair some of those banjos and guitars had very hefty price tags, I saw one for $6000....

The famous 'batman building' synonymous of the Nashville skyline
We all thought that the Elvis lookalike receptionist at our hotel must shop here
On our last day in Nashville we took a 'hop on, hop off' bus trip, should have taken it on day one but the roads were closed, we got our bearings and had a very interesting tour guide.

Lovely view of The Parthenon and the Capitol State Building with the flag, well it would be if it wasn't surrounded by hotels...

The Parthenon...

A Star of the future singing on a street corner
Early evening cocktails, 'Cheers'!
The next day I think Ellen breathed a huge sigh of relief when she drove us back to Nashville airport and returned the rental car, We were now heading to Chicago but not before I managed a backward roll on the escalator, left me bruised and sore for a few days


  1. Oh no, hope you've recovered from the escalator.

    You accidentally call the Parthenon the capitol building in your caption above :) (the second picture)

    See that tall building to the right of the capitol, the talk one with the flag? My hubby works there!


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