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Paducah Trip 2015 - Paducah

I know it seams like ages since Paducah but there you go. Please see previous post of photos of friends I met along the way....

Check out our accommodation, that wonderful green house, we stayed with the Gayle Mayor of Paducah
We arrived in Paducah to a threatened thunder storm, we did get caught in rain on our way to the award ceremony. We were a little late and missed David Taylor's entertainment but were just in time to see all of the Awards, we then left to get a sneak peak at the winning quilts.

The Best of Show and what a deserving winner, Majestic Mosaic pieced and appliqued by Karen Kay Buckley, quilted by Renae Haddadin, it's fabulous and look at that wonderful smile on Renae's face.

Had to get a photo of Renae with her side which she said was the back!

I had to check out my own quilts had really arrived, they were a little creased, I had expected them to be steamed, after all they had been in boxes for around three weeks. No ribbons but you know I wasn't really expecting any, I was really thrilled to see them hanging in Paducah among all of those fabulous quilts!

In no particular order here are a few of my favourites from the show...

The Glow of the Coast at Sunrise by Nobuko Kotani and 21 Friends , Japan

The Pink Lady by Jan Hutchison and Russ Schmidt

Fabulous October Sky by Bethanne Nemesh!

In the Marsh by Caryl Bryer Falert Gentry

My overall favourite Robber’s Roost by Joanne Baeth
My Tree full of Life by Susan Cronenwette
Healing Waters by Holis Chatelain

Chasing Bubbles by Hyroko Miyama  and Masanobu Miyama

Vintage Moments by Jan Zimmerman 

Coastal Lily by Thelma Childers and Judi Madsen

Words to Live By by Linda Hrcka and Lisa Bongean

Whetstones and Stars by Carolyn Rider

Next Day we headed off for breakfast at the the Gold Rush cafe where I treated myself to Gold Rush omelette with biscuits and gravy, it was delicious. The biscuits are more like scones but on this occasion seemed to be like small sponge cakes, the gravy was a cheese sauce mixture.

Paducah is renowned for the dogwood trees they are everywhere, the rosettes for all of the winning quilts are handmade to replicate the dogwood flower.

Linzi and I thought we had scored big time when we found these two flimsies for $40 each, mine is the stars, we later saw simply pieced tops like these for  $200 - $500 each.

We had fabulous accommodation at the Mayors house, I couldn't help but take this photo of Linzi in her night attire matching the decor so well having her first morning coffee.

On one of our evening walks we met up with Confederate soldiers, we laughed as the guy carrying the drum said he was '“packin’ a drum cos his friend couldn’t carry it', we had a historical chat with them and were given directions where to find moonshine! 

We did so much walking that we just had to stop for refreshments, our feet and legs were aching so much.....

We picked out a couple of car registration plates, don't know who they belong to but that red convertible must be mine, Kay - Borderline Quilter.

Ellen exercising considerable restraint!
It was obligatory, we had to visit Hancock's of Paducah, I had to check if it was bigger than Fabric Depot in Portland, Oregon. My verdict is no, Fabric Depot is bigger and has a bigger variety of fabric. I bought a fair amount of fabric at Hancock's. I decided that on a future visit to the US, I need to check out Keepsake Quilting to see if that is any bigger, these things need to be done!

How convenient to find a liquor store right next door to Hancock's...

Menage a Trois

We resisted the Moonshine and just bought a couple of bottles of wine....

We continued down the road to visit the 27th Annual Rotary Quilt Show where there was more shopping to be had and a wonderful display of  'Hexed' quilts curated by Mary Kerr and also some of the Hoffman Challenge Quilts

Before long our eventful and short stay in Paducah was over, we left passing Hancock's again on the way to Nashville......more to follow.....


  1. looks like a treasure of special memories.

  2. Awesome post!! Still made my trip to meet you all!!!

  3. Sounds like you had an awesome time in Paducah. Your quilts are beautiful, if they were just the winners there would not be much of a show. Just to have a quilt hang in Paducah is great!!!!

  4. We were in Paducah in February, just after they had a record snowstorm. We practically had the Quilt Museum to ourselves. Stopped in for breakfast at Gold Rush, too. Yummy.

  5. Looks like a great trip. Thanks for the photo of the back of Renae's quilt...I had not seen the back yet.

  6. I had to go back and look at the show CD because I don't remember seeing a few of the quilts that you have pictured. I guess next time, I'll have to go through all the quilts THREE times, instead of just twice.
    PS - I thought your quilts were great!

  7. How cool to see TWO of your quilts in Paducah! What a great trip.

  8. What fun, and thanks for the peek at some of the fabulous quilts!

  9. What an honour to have your own quilts hanging in Paducah. Congratulations

  10. Glad you had such a great time in Paducah. It's on my bucket list. The quilts you shared are so beautiful; hard to think every one didn't get a ribbon.
    I've never heard of a show steaming wrinkles out. Is that something they do in the UK for contestants?
    Don't go out of your way to see how big Keepsake is-it's a normal sized shop, nothing spectacular.


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